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Do you own a bakery, a jewelry store, or another business that involves wanting to display your wares while also protecting them from harm? AIM Glass & Mirrors is your source for quality glass displays and retail counters in and around Simi Valley. Depending on your glass display needs, we can install new custom display cases, replace shelves and displays that have cracked or broken, or repair minor issues. Our goal is to give you store displays that are able to show your merchandise to its best advantage, so you can meet your customers’ needs. To learn more about the glass display cases and other products we can create or repair for you, give us a call!

AIM Glass & Mirror - Company LogoIf you’re finishing construction on a new commercial space or store renovations, make AIM Glass & Mirrors your source for beautiful and durable store displays. From jewelry showcases to retail counters to glass displays for baked goods, we can custom-fabricate just about any type of cabinet or shelving unit you can imagine. Is your display area unusually shaped? We’ll cut an attractive glass display cabinet or shelf to fit. We can finish glass display shelves and cases with a variety of edging techniques as well, including beveled edges, polished edges, and more.

We also offer an array of glass display repair and replacement services. If your glass display cabinet or shelving area needs attention in order to look its best and remain safe for everyday use, we’re ready to step in. Contact us to look at glass display cases that are:

  • Cracked
  • Scratched
  • Broken
  • Foggy or cloudy
  • The wrong size for your current needs

If we can, we’ll repair the issue efficiently and effectively. If repair isn’t an option, we’ll install a replacement glass display shelf or other item. Regardless of the type of glass cases for display you have in your commercial space, AIM Glass & Mirrors has the knowledge and skill to meet all of your needs.

20 Years of Experience With Custom Display Cases

One of the things that puts AIM Glass & Mirrors a cut above other companies repairing and installing glass cases for display in Simi Valley is our unparalleled level of experience in the industry. We’ve been doing this job for 20 years, and we put everything we’ve learned to work with each new customer who contacts us to discuss jewelry showcases, retail display cases, and other needs. You can feel confident knowing that your business is in excellent hands.

AIM Glass & Mirrors is also proud to be fully licensed and insured for the services we offer. That means we’ll always leave your commercial space better than we found it, complete with store display cases that will look great and do their job long term. If you’re ready to get more information about what we can do for you, as well as a free cost estimate for the services you require, call or e-mail AIM Glass & Mirrors now! 

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License Number: CSLB-873205