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In addition to offering top-notch glass repair and replacement services, AIM Glass & Mirrors is pleased to offer window screen repair and replacement. Any Simi Valley–area resident or business owner knows how important your window screens are. Without them, you can’t open your windows without fear of bugs and other pests getting inside your building. Plus, broken window screens can be unsightly, making your property look unkempt. If your screens are torn or broken in any way, bring in our expert team for screen repair. We’ll quickly and properly resolve your problems, so you can get back to enjoying attractive and functional windows. Call or e-mail AIM Glass & Mirrors today to learn more about our screen replacement and repair services!

While screens are generally built to last for years, they can be susceptible to damage. Whether you had a tree limb blow into your window during a storm or you bent or tore the screen trying to get it out of the window, AIM Glass & Mirrors is ready to provide screen repairs you can trust. We can resolve minor issues on your existing screens or install replacement screens if the problem is so severe the current screens can’t be salvaged. Either way, you can be sure we’ll properly repair or replace the window screen that’s causing you grief, leaving you with a stable, durable, safe, and functional window.

20 Years of Screen Repair Experience

AIM Glass & Mirrors has offered screen replacement and repair services to local home- and business owners for more than 20 years. That means we’re extensively familiar with the various screen brands and models on the market. We can even advise you on what kind of replacement screens are best for your space. In our two decades in the business, we’ve also seen just about every issue a screen can have, making us qualified to repair window screens that are torn, broken, off-track, or having any other problems. If you care about experience when choosing a company to handle glass and screen repair, you’ve come to the right place.

To get more information about our window screen repair and window screen replacement services, contact AIM Glass & Mirrors now. We’re standing by to take your call, because we know you don’t want to wait any longer than necessary when you need screen repairs. We’ll be happy to give you a free cost estimate for the window screen replacement or repairs you need. If you need window screen repairs at your business or a replacement screen door at home, don’t look anywhere else! AIM Glass & Mirrors is here to provide the quality workmanship and customer service you deserve. 

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